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I enjoy your teas. I ordered from you last month and they smelled amazing and tasted so pleasant and natural. My favorite tea is the mullein and lemon peel. This tea helped me out when i had a pulsing headache, immediately after I drink the tea my headache was gone. Amazing results. I plan on buying more and spreading the word around about your Amazing natural teas. I love the fact that you bless them and leave beautiful thank you notes with your teas.



comments from a customer I made a couple of custom tea blends for children

Hello Sis

They are definitely helping. she is getting up once a night but going back to sleep and not staying up.


“Thats some Good Tea”



Good day sis

I pray that all is well. I had the chance to try the no caffeine Bantu Blend herbal coffee replacement with Chicory ect.

for the first time this morning. It was so smooth and tasty!! It wasn’t too bitter and, in my opinion, has the same rich taste that I enjoy in coffee. I wouldn’t have been able to tell it wasn’t coffee if I hadn’t known.

Thanks for the tea samples. i’ll let you know once I try them.




Good day!! I finished my first bag of the Bantu Blend and I Love.

ill be ordering some more once I finish off what I have



Bantu blend is delicious, btw! Even without sweetener! I was even able to get two brews from one serving. I'll have to try it as a latte like you showed in the video.



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Like best

The Calendula, Cinnamon and a hint of Star Anise is one of the best teas I have ever tried. It calms and winds me down after a busy day. I would definitely recommend this tea to others.

Would recommend



Kathy C

Wed, Jun 1, 1:25 PM

to Allmiteas

I enjoyed the Kongonilla coffee it had a smooth silky, rich flavor, but not overpoerring. A nice change from the other brands that may have unwanted additives.

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The digestive Tea:

This tea is absolutely amazing! If you are constipated or having any digestive issues this tea will resolve these issues within an hour if you use two bags. I would recommend this tea for anyone who suffers from IBS



Good Morning sis thank you again for the teas. I noticed when i was taking it. I slept better I felt more relaxed, I ran out about to order some more.



Grace, peace and blessings

I am really enjoying the herbal teas and my daughter in Vegas loves them as well.

I’ll have to go to the shop this week and have some sent to her.


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