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Queen Love

To AllMi’ Tea’s

Sis Qeren,  
I need to testify in regards to your teas. You're aware of the Health Battles which causes swelling and inflammation. I call them unwelcome guests.
Your calendula, cinnamon with Star Anise. I Love this, with excitement , figuratively,. Literally I'd pass out.
Normally within minutes of me revving up for my day, I start to swell. Sista, since I have been drinking the Calendula tea, there is a significant relief from the swelling and gradual assist with inflammation. For me and unwelcomes' that have become Gypsies, I never know who's going to show up, lol. Folks is packing bags and getting out. Of course you're aware of the other changes I've been making and the nightmares of this wicked, nefarious, evil, horrible, you get the picture medical system I am dealing with.
Also need to thank you for the aromatic tea. I'm pleased that you listened and were reactive. Our daughter and myself are getting some rest.
My Scripture this week is Psalms 31:1 In you, Yahuah, do I put my trust,.... You when folks are going through their own trails and tribulations it's hard to know who to trust. Just like David I know I can Trust in The Father. But as for me I am glad to know you listened and I can Trust you. Always, Always trust in Yahweh.  
Ingeta Sis Ingeta


to Queen

Let’s praise The Most High for he truly is faithful. He is our healer and deliverer.

Thank you Heavenly Father


The mullein and lemon peel helped me out when I had a pulsing headache, immediately after I drink the tea my headache was gone.




I would like to share this with you.  While I was in class  my eyes  were hurting me making it difficult to

see the black board during the presentation.

I made myself a quart of the calendula, cinnamon and hint of star anise blend.

I let it steep for 30 minutes in a pot .

I was drinking it and I noticed every time I drink that tea I could see the board clearly.

I said “ whoa what’s in this tea”

whatever is in that blend …

Love you sis and continue  doing what your are doing,

continue to be obedient to the Father (TMH)   as he have you put these blends together to change lives.

My response

That is so wonderful to hear. Its not me . Its the most high. Anyone can put the blends together but it is The Most High (Creator of all things)

who heals.

This increases my faith in knowing when we call on him, he answers.

He just keeps on showing up!  I’m hearing testimony after testimony  and it just increases my faith in him more and more.

Because he is the same yesterday and today, he has not changed.

he loves us so much that he took on flesh and walked with our ancestors, teaching them, healing the sick,

raised the dead and cast out devils. He make the blind to see and the deaf to hear

and he is still doing it. I just pray that I be mindful to remain humble and continue to  trust in him.

All praises to The Most High.

I am in aw of HIM . HE is real and HE is living

I encourage all with testimonies to spread the word about what The Most High is doing through his herbs

Through HIS promise because he said he gave us the leaves for the healing of the nation.   when he made

these things he saw that they were good… and they are fabulous!!

Thank you so much Sis Violet you encourage me so much.

I pray the TMH continue to use you and increase in you as well as strengthen your eyes.

Violet- He did not say the herbs were good.  HE said they were Very Good!!  lol

Me- And she is absolutely correct.!!

Love you sis😊

Violet- Listen to Your Body



Hello....I know The Most High has anointed your business! I ordered "The Milk Thistle Tea Blend" and it is the Best Tea!

I sleep WONDERFUL, and wake up feeling WONDERFUL!! I just feel great! I can do my exercises and my walking, I am soooo thankful for this tea...I ordered other tea, but I can't stop drinking The Milk Thistle! And I am ordering maybe I will get a chance to try the other teas. Also I love my coffee, but have been unable to drink coffee ( I did order the Bantu Coffee) but have not had a chance to try it cause I cannot stop drinking The Milk Thistle Tea! I pray The Most High continue to bless you and your business always..I am 61yrs and retired 2yrs ago. I have not felt this good in years!! Thank you!

Thank you for sharing your testimony with me. May our Heavenly Father continue to strengthen and bless you with great health and strength. All praises to The Most High for his healing power and promise. He is faithful and he keeps his promise .Jeremiah 30:17-‘For I will restore you to health.Together we give you the praise, heavenly Father, because we called and you answered. You have not failed me yet father, and I will share this testimony so that the people will see and know that you are living and real. You have not changed, Oh Father. You are Self-Eternal and you can do all things, and you don't need any help with anything. You own all things Father. You made us in your image and you have restored us unto you. Father of our ancestors Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (Abana Yisika and Yacoba) Isaiah 40:31-but they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles, they shall run and not be weary, and they shall walk and not faint. I stand your everlasting Word and everlasting Truth


Qeren IfeOluwa


October 7th Violet wote:

This is just more than a coffee substitute. Ibrings nutrients to the cells as well.

I can feel it in my body

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